The Greatest of these is LOVE

We all need Love, to be Loved, to give Love, and without this, we feel lost and try to fill that emptiness with everything and at times we fill it with things that lead into addiction. I experienced this need for love and filled it with Drugs for many years which led me to working in spas, escorting, and prostituting. 

I was so lost in the drug/sex game and no longer knew who I was. 12 years ago I was set free from the torment of addiction and no self-worth and I was set on a path of forgiveness, Grace, and learning to love and be loved.

Because of all I have experienced in life, my greatest desire now is to encourage others with words of Love and Hope and watch as the flame of hope within starts to spread to others.

My prayer is you will find in the words God gives me to write that we are not alone! and that You do Matter! You are never too far out of reach for the Love of God to sweep in and rescue you!